Aladdin’s newly added song Speechless is our favorite thing on radio

“Speechless” was added to the Aladdin soundtrack and left us all teary-eyed and speechless. 

The live-action version of the Disney classic hit theaters on May 23. The movie was a recreation of the 1992 classic with some changes that were satisfying to see. Ever since the remake was announced, people were getting skeptical towards the final version as it might “ruin” their memory of a movie they grew up to. After the changes made to the story in Dumbo, Aladdin came to positively surprise us with some minor, yet completely amazing, changes that only made the movie better in its own way. 

One of these changes was modernizing the character of Princess Jasmine and giving her a stronger voice, a voice that won’t remain “speechless.” 

The song was penned by Lala Land and The Greatest Showman lyricist duo, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Naomi Scott had much to say about the empowering ballad; 

“First of all, it’s a timely thing that everyone could relate to. She has Jafar and she’s got her father for different reasons telling her she should just be quiet basically. She goes through this journey to realize her actions do matter and what she says does matter. She’s going speak out against injustice. That song is going to be that focal point. In the movie, she makes that decision. […] It is quite emotional as well. I think it’s very relatable to all young girls and many adults who have been shut down at some point. Your voice matters. It is a great message to tell kids to be speaking out against injustice even if you’re not going to win. Honestly, it’s incredible to have this in the movie. It’s pretty special”

Guy Ritchie’s new version of Aladdin definitely gave the movie its right, keeping all the classics we love like “A Whole New World” and “Arabian Nights” but it was definitely “Speechless” that spoke to the younger crowds and sneaked into our hearts. 

Disney gave the track its own music video which contains scenes from the movie as well as cuts of Naomi Scott recording it in the studio surrounded by violins. The video already has more than five million views and it’s only been released for four days. 

Have you seen the new Aladdin? What did you think, let us know in the comments! 

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