Anthony and Sally join Ghayd on El 3ama Malla Show

Anthony and Sally went on “El 3ama Malla Show” with Ghayd and we’re in tears!

Anthony and Sally from The Morning Show joined Ghayd for a hilarious episode where they talked about almost everything from the hosts’ start on radio to their daily lives on the show and topped it off with an attempt to sell some pretty weird items.

“El 3ama Malla Show” returned this year in its second season with host Ghayd Chammas, aka El 3ama, along with the band, The JLP Show, whose lead singer, Boudy, is also part of the Virgin Radio Lebanon team.

The episode kicked off with a funny Future Prediction segment, followed by a video commentary. Anthony and Sally come in at around minute 10 and almost instantly a bromance between Anthony and Ghayd starts to bloom!

The episode gets crazier by the minute and laughter is expected as the morning hosts become the evening guests! I won’t spoil it for you so here it is.. Enjoy!

El 3ama Malla Show Ep 5 – Anthony Salame & Sally Geha

This time, @virVirgin Radio Lebanon Hosts: Anthony Salame (a.k.a Kangaroo or Virgin), and Sally Geha, take the show on a different level of entertainment and laughter. They both tell us about their Journey, reaching the radio station and making people laugh every day!This show has 2 added special segments in the beginning, a El 3ama Live clip, the interview, and a Hilarious Game!Make sure to share this video with friends!Thanking The JLP Show for the music, Heyoka for Production, and of course, the lovely Dewar's for making this happen.#LiveTrue#DewarsScotch#El3amaMallaShow

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎El 3ama‎‏ في الجمعة، ١١ يناير ٢٠١٩

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Credits: EligeAY

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