Anthony and Sally music choice: Sue Me by Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter took a page from Elle Woods’ Legally Blonde and delivered “Sue Me.”

The 19-year-old released the track with a Lauren Dunn directed visual that will take you back to the first installment of the Reese Witherspoon movie where Elle was sobbing in her bedroom over her ended relationship.

Sabrina, like Elle, with the help of her friends, refuses her state and jumps to a courtroom while belting “Sue Me” decked in black and later a full pink ensemble, which Elle would definitely approve. The visual even makes a reminder of Elle’s application to Harvard with the pool scene and creating that whole video. Sabrina even has a pug version of Bruiser who is as cute as the original Chihuahua in the movie (RIP).

Ok, I won’t go more into the video but I will move on to the track itself. “Sue Me” is all about empowerment according to the artist. Sabrina appeared on Live! With Kelly and Ryan and discussed the song with the host emphasizing self-acceptance;

“I think it’s empowerment, it’s confidence, it’s being comfortable with yourself regardless of what anybody thinks.”

Want more Sabrina Carpenter? She recently released an entire album! Singular: Act 1 is out and even has a successor on the way!  Now go binge…  

Credits: EligeAY

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