Anthony and Sally want you to check out the new video for Please Me

Bruno Mars and Cardi B go from Please to Please Me in the best way possible in new video.

“Please Me” is the latest track we got from Cardi B and it had a beautiful throwback on it as she chose to join efforts with Bruno Mars once more. The two previously collaborated on “Finesse” and shook the world. This time, “Please Me” had a different vibe and it definitely did please my ears.

At the beginning of the month they released the video for “Please Me” and it’s sizzling. Like really on fire. Cardi B and her girl gang bust some moves as Bruno and his guy crew admire them. The whole video is a dance between the men and women. Incredible dance moves, car rides, lots of teasing, and an eventual resolve with Bruno and Cardi embracing.

Credits: EligeAY

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