Anthony and Sally’s Music Choice: Think About Us Remix

Little Mix “Think About Us” just got a blazin remix from TY Dolla $ign.

The new version of “Think About Us” dropped on Thursday, January 24 along with a lyric video. The visual has the girls belting out the track intertwined with neon colors, wild animals and other nature imagery. There’s a lot going on between the lyrics, the imagery and the girls but somehow everything meshes perfectly.

Ty’s added verse comes to shower his goddess of a woman with designer items from Balenciaga, to Chanel through Vivienne Westwood and YSL. Musically, the track isn’t much changed but definitely has that extra twist that usually Ty brings with him whenever he jumps on a project.

A video for “Think About Us” featuring Ty Dolla $ign is expected to drop on February 1, as per the girls’ Instagram page.

Credits: EligeAY

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