Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s Child Support Battle.

Pop star Britney Spears and public figure Kevin Federline’s divorce was all over the media back in 2007 after a marriage that lasted for two years. The couple has two sons: Sean, 12, and Jayden, 11. Since then, problems over child support never ended until recently.

The ‘Toxic’ singer is now assigned to pay her ex-husband “thousands more a month in child support” after making a deal that remains confidential.
The reason why Federline, 40, is requesting an increase in money in child support is believed to be that he is finding more difficulty in making a living these days. He is getting older which shrinks his chances of continuing his career as a dancer, and his music isn’t getting enough recognition lately.
“I am no longer able to perform as a dancer due to my age, and I have not been as successful in putting out new music as I was in 2008” he said.

Also, K-Fed claimed in documents presented in the court that Britney Spears “earns in excess of $34,000,000 per year” which is ten thousand times more than what he actually makes.
However, Brit claims that Federline is after more money in order to cover his four other kids from two past relationships.

The ‘Oops… I did it again’ hit maker is not happy at all with the final decision. According to her team, Spears “was tired of fighting about it and is ready to get on with her life and put this behind her”.


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