Cardi B Charged With Assault

Yes we know that Cardi B can be a little edgy sometimes, I mean she did a performance 1 day after she gave birth, but being arrested is a whole other issue.
Cardi B turned herself in to the police in New York on Monday October, 1. She was arrested and charged because of a strip club fight in August.
So why was she arrested?
Police charged Cardi B with assault and reckless endangerment because she accidentally threw a chair at a person in a club.
According to her lawyer Jeff Kern there is no proof that she harmed anyone, so she left with a ticket which means she was released but she will have to stand in the court by the end of the month.
Why though?
Rumors have it: Romance, Drama, and Jealousy….
But rumors are still rumors and Cardi B is Cardi B!


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