Catch Up with Zaina and Boudy: Man eats Pizza for 37 years

Mike Roman, pizza man, was the topic of conversation with Zaina and Boudy during “Catch Up with Z and B.”

The 41 year old New Jersey teacher revealed during a podcast that he has had pizza for dinner ever since he was 4. Naturally, this little piece of interesting news caught the eyes and ears of our hosts. So what’s his story?

Mike Roman went on a Tom La Vecchia’s New Theory Podcast, which discusses everything from business, inspirational stories to health and fitness through celebrities and fashion, and discussed his cheesy lifestyle.

Roman has been apparently eating pizza for dinner or at least once a day since his mother first introduced him to the pie when he was 3 or 4 years old and he hasn’t been able to put it down ever since. Naturally, after this revelation, questions about his health arose and Roman answered in reference to his bowl movement and cholesterol levels;

“Everything seems fine to me.”

In addition to pizza, Roman introduced peanut butter into his diet and mentioned how his parents reached a point where they “gave in” and stopped fighting him when he refused to eat anything but pizza, as far as he can remember.

Best part of the whole thing was when Roman mentioned that even at his wedding, he had pizza during the cocktail hour and the reception! WOW!

“I get it from different places, so it’s a nice variety. […]It’s not a big deal. I know some people are really into fine dining, or they’re called foodies or whatever, and they like things, but dinner to me is nothing really that special.”

After questions like how did he incorporate pizza dinners into his dating life; how much crowdfunding is needed to get him to stop eating pizza; and whether he would give up sex for pizza, Zaina and Boudy went through a discussion about the topics, their favorite foods and whether they would only eat that for the rest of their lives. They agreed that they both fall on the “foodies” side, as Roman puts it, to do that.

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