Catch Up with Zaina and Boudy: Who Paid 99 Cents?

Among the crazy things happening in the studio during The Drive, Zaina and Boudy bring you some of the weirdest stories from around the world during “Catch Up with Z and B.”

Today’s story is a pretty bizarre one and it’s about a website that charges people 99 cents to see who paid 99 cents for the same reason.

Who Paid 99 Cents?” is an odd website that charges curious visitors a standard fee of 99 cents for the chance to see a list of people who had previously paid 99 cents.

Okay, so let’s say you paid the 99 cents and saw the hidden list. You leave the website but, since you’re a curious person, you’ll want to come back and check it again. You, dear sir, will have to pay another 99 cents to see the updated list! 

who paid 99 cents

The website is a pretty basic one, only displaying the necessary. When you go to www.whopaid99cents.com  you will see three fields to fill in your name, email address and card details, in addition to the header and magic button, which will reveal the list, once you’ve paid. 

 A short, fine line disclaimer at the bottom explains what people are getting themselves into;

 “Your name will be public. Obviously. That’s the point. Just use a fake one if you want. Your receipt will be emailed to you.”

Under that, in even finer print, the makers of the site plead;

“All sales are final. Please don’t sue us.”

When Business Insider decided to pay the price and check, they learned that 43 people had did that before them. Obviously, as the website suggested they do, most of the names they found were fake in addition to those who did some soundcloud advertising or propagated conspiracy theories like “9/11 was an inside job.” Yikes!  

Brooklyn-based, computer entertainment studio, Thinko, are the people responsible for bringing the website to light and their goal was to make a website that would make people laugh since they specialize in funny things, which is what they will do with the money coming from “Who Paid 99 cents?” i.e. build more funny websites. 

In this case, curiosity just cost the cat 99 cents. Who would pay 99 cents? Well, our own Boudy almost did! Would you? 

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