Chasing Happiness; a Jonas Brothers documentary

June 4th! Save the date!

The Jonas Brothers are set to release their documentary on June 4, 2019 via Amazon Prime. This film will take us on the journey through time documenting the brothers’ quick rise to fame, how they fell apart, and to so many people’s delight, got back together again.

They take us back all the way to their childhood days to share how their love for music grew into a phenomenon that was too big for them to process. The boys went from “We were not supposed to leave Jersey” to selling out Madison Square Garden 3 nights in a row in a short time. Their road was not easy as they talked about their dad leaving the church he was pastor in during the same month that their label dropped them. Things got turned over the minute Disney called offering them a record deal. This is where their careers really took off. In just one week they had 3 albums in the top 10, gold record, etc.

Nick suggesting that the band should dissolve hit Joe and Kevin hard but they are very candid about their feelings of being hurt and disappointed which eventually led them back together. Nick painfully remembers the days and admits that “there were moments I thought they’ll never speak to me again”.

The movie combines clips from home videos taken as the boys were still young kids, concerts, and new footage from after they reunited and spent a year just travelling the world together delivering some dashing looks, sunglasses, and entrances. This is an honest look at their lives with its ups and downs where they reevaluate the meaning of success and happiness. The Jonas Brothers revealed that the six years apart actually made their relationships stronger and the personal growth redefined what happiness means to them. Nick, Joe, and Kevin said it clearly that they don’t care much about money or fame but rather put their strong focus on family as the trailer ends with each of them with his significant other. We get shots from Nick and Priyanka’s wedding, Kevin holding his baby and Joe and Sophie looking extremely in love. Joe sums it up by saying “I’d rather be brothers and not have our band dictate our relationship.”

This entry was written by Rita Elhajj and edited by Elige Abou Youness for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help.

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