Cirque Du Soleil Bazzar is an experience not to be missed

Medames et Monsieurs, Bienvenue au Cirque du Soleil.

After a rundown of the sponsors and partners intermingled with performers going around the audience, Maestro launched the show.

As an adult who went to the circus not really knowing what to expect and thinking whether or not I will see something that hasn’t crossed my path on the internet, Cirque Du Soleil Bazzar did not disappoint in any way whatsoever.

My first encounter with the merry troupe was during a press tour they gave two days prior to Opening Night where I got to go backstage, meet some of the performers, and see what the merry troupe was about.

The moment we stepped backstage, I was told that everything I see lying around was there to serve its purpose, nothing is accidentally thrown anywhere it’s not supposed to be as that would hinder the process of the show. Accessories were everywhere, organized in a beautiful chaotic way that made sense only to the people who put them there.

Outside, the band was rehearsing. Music for the show is played and sung live by 3 musicians including one magnificent singer who also plays instruments during some acts. I was then introduced to Briana, 19, who’s been dancing since she was 3 and later joined Cirque du Soleil and Patrick, an acrobat, who joined the family at 16. They told me a bit about their experience with the rest of the company and the family-like ambiance they carry with one another. When asked about their favorite thing about the show;  

Briana said she enjoyed the fun and different experience every time with fresh fun people they meet along the way while Patrick was more about enjoying the feeling during the performance itself.

cirque du soleil bazzar

Moving deeper backstage between artists doing their daily workouts, stretching, and looking at schedules, I got to what could possibly be my favorite part; costumes, make-up, and hair. Being an extreme fan of the process, I knew I was in for a treat and I was not disappointed. I got a tour of the wig-station, got to watch one of the performers get neon extensions braided into his hair, got to see some of the looks getting prepped for the show.

The costumes were custom-made by designer Lacroix who took into consideration the act and the performer and crafted the most convenient and visually appealing outfits for each one using specific fabric and cuts. As for make-up, an artist was brought in to train the performers so they would do their own make-up before the show and similarly for hair and wigs, which there was an abundance of, artists were encouraged to get ready autonomously two hours before the show.

Everything around is so carefully thought of and made for them to present the same experience wherever they go in the world; from the tent down to the chairs, everything is transported from city to city.

On the day of the show, we got in the tent and sat while some of the performers were going around the crowd before the show started. The whole thing was mesmerizing from the acrobats, to the trapezistes, dancers, roller-skaters, and even the newest addition which is exclusive to the show, the Mallakhamba, which is a traditional Indian sport that will leave you breathless.

The Grand Finale has to be one of my favorite parts as it will make the mind explode with the many things taking place.

As a grown-up who went to Cirque du Soleil Bazzar, I have to say, it was a breathtakingly amazing.

The circus remains in Beil, the Parks until June 30th with many shows throughout so make sure not to miss it.

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