Come get your honey, honey

Robyn’s studio version for “Honey” is here with a mesmerizing video.

Robyn first debuted this track some time last year on “Girls” and fans have been begging for an official version they can binge on ever since. September 26 came and Robyn graced us with the track with a video.

The song, we know and love has a very captivating visual. Make sure you have HD settings for this one and watch the honey flow down a diamond and other objects as Robyn belts outs the track over a sick beat. Every element of this song is awesome on its own as well as together.

The beat, the lyrics, which you see passing in a subtitle form during the enchanting video.

Robyn revealed to Time that “Honey” took more effort than her other works;

 “I spent more time on that song than I did on any other piece of music in my whole life. You know when you have those experiences that are fundamentally changing, or spiritual, almost? I wanted to make sure the song explained that. I wanted it to be more than mood. I wanted it to be a physical feeling.”

Her upcoming eight album is set to be released on October 26, just a month away. Also titled Honey, it promises more spiritual experiences from her end. Are you excited to hear more from Robyn?

This entry was written for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help, September 27, 2018. 

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