Daddy Yankee sets the bar high in first ever Spanish performance on The Late Late Show

Daddy Yankee just made history as the first Spanish performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden and he set a pretty high standard.

“Con Calma” is a super lit track and Daddy Yankee certainly knows the tricks to an amazing performance; from the music, to the dancing, to the setting, to every little detail you can think of and he certainly brought this knowledge with him to perform on The Late Late Show

After the host introduces the performance, the stage is instantly transformed into mesmerizing colorful lighting visuals. Daddy Yankee appears on stage after his army of super synchronized dancers all decked in blue display their first formation in front of a screen showing the singer’s face dripping pink goo from the glasses. 

Daddy Yankee appears on stage and launches into “Con Calma” instantly getting the audience and viewers ready for an amazing performance. 

Dancers move around and disappear for a few seconds only to come back wearing Daddy Yankee masks and the whole thing is just perfected to the little details you won’t be able to move your eyes from the screen. 

Credits: EligeAY

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