Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott are everything in the Antisocial video, kind of literally

Travis Scott and Ed Sheeran take a swing at surrealism in their new video for “Antisocial.”

Ed Sheeran’s latest album No.6 Collaborations Project has him joining talents with some of our favorite A-listers. From Justin Bieber to Camilla Cabello, Chance the Rapper, YEBBA, Khalid, Bruno Mars, Chris Stapelton, and many many others made the Brit’s latest release a whirlwind of genres and feels. Enter Travis Scott into the picture, well the frame of David Meyer, and things get super crazy.

The track itself isn’t your typical Ed Sheeran song, well most of the album’s tracks aren’t but this one is something else. It joins Travis Scott’s extremely energetic persona with Ed’s adaptability to any genre he jumps on and recruits David Meyers to deliver an equally wackadoodle visual.

The two artists feel like they’re falling down the rabbit hole going from scene to scene that crescendo in weirdness and culminate in a relatively realistic scene where Ed wants one of Travis’s fries but the scene turns out to be the craziest, if you ask me. The only constant in the whole video is the desire both artists have to remain untouched, just like the song keeps repeating.

“Don’t touch me, don’t touch me,
Don’t touch me, I came to vibe, yeah”

“Antisocial” has such an antisocial video where Ed doesn’t want to be touched even by animals including a CGI bee that stings him in the eye (which was painful to watch) and a group of blue birds that are trying to go through his protective glass rectangle (Bubble boy vibes). Travis Scott meanwhile pushes everyone away at the Gym to prevent them from going near him and transforms into Edward Scissorhands to treat a patient. The whole video is a succession of crazily amazing scenes, including a “spyglass-measuring contest” as MTV’s Patrick Hosken puts it.

On a second note, Ed’s collabs are hitting strongly after the album’s release on Friday, July 12; the same day the video for “Antisocial” dropped. The 15-track album is definitely binge-listen-worthy and to get you started, I’m gonna casually slip Ed’s collaboration with Eminem and 50 Cent below because, well, “Remember The Name.”

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