Girl Power! Iconic Female Collaborations Playlist

Rumors have been swirling around that a new collaboration joining Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey is on its way! Grande and Cyrus have both liked posts announcing the collaboration, making everyone’s excitement too hard to handle.

While we wait for this collab to make our summer, we need to stay busy so we put a lil somethin somethin together to get your ears ready and in the mood. We’re going down memory lane to recall some of the most iconic female collaborations in pop.

  1. “Can’t Remember to Forget You” – Shakira and Rihanna

Barbados and Colombia meet in this upbeat track, which infuses rock, with reggae, pop, and even ska instrumentals. The lyrics tackle toxic relationships, in which the singers “can’t remember” the lovers who was bad to them. One thing’s for sure: even though this song is now 5 years old, we can’t remember to forget it!

  1. “Bang Bang” – Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj

In 2014, Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj blessed us with this anthem combining their different styles in one upbeat explosively explosive jam. The track gained them a Grammy nomination in 2015, as well as a special place in our hearts and our libraries.

  1. “Beautiful Liar” – Beyoncé and Shakira

In 2006, the two Pop divas joined forces on this Middle-Eastern tempo inspired track. Drawing on Shakira’s Lebanese heritage and her great sense of rhythm, the lyrics of the song shame a man who cheated on two women with one another. The two women collaborate on this catchy musical endeavor. It’s the girl solidarity anthem we deserve!

  1. “Telephone” – Lady Gaga and Beyoncé

One of Lady Gaga’s highest selling and perhaps most famous hits, “Telephone” was nominated for Best Pop Collaborations with Vocals in 2011. It combines Gaga’s eccentric aesthetic approach to Beyoncé’s charming and assertive style. It’s without a doubt one of the most memorable songs of 2010.

Also, the music video for it said it was “to be continued…”, it’s been 9 years and I’m still waiting for Part 2. 

  1. “Give Me All Your Luvin’” – Madonna, Nicki Minaj, and M.I.A

Two words: Music Video. 

  1. “Lady Marmalade” – Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, and Lil’ Kim

Released in 2011, this song is a cover of the 1974 boudoir “Lady Marmalade”, and was adapted for the remake of Moulin Rouge, the movie. While the infamous French lyrics still terribly resonates in every French speaker’s eardrums, the fact stands: this track showed the world what “soul sisters” in music are capable of.

  1. “Fancy” – Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX

As Iggy Azalea’s first breakthrough hit, this song introduced us to the charming Aussie, and her approach to catchy pop hooks. It’s only fair to say we were all equipped with an attitude in 2014 thanks to this song, and deservingly so.

  1. “Me Against the Music” – Britney Spears and Madonna

A 2003 pop song, made in a very 2003 way-of-doing-things. The catchy “Mr Against the Music” combines dance and hip hop influenced beats, and introduces the Queen of Pop to the Princess of Pop. The release of the song follows the iconic Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Madonna’s wedding-extraordinaire performance at the VMAs.

Britney Spears Madonna Christina Aguilera VMA

  1. “When You Believe” – Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey

Released in 1998, “When You Believe” was awarded the Oscar for Best Original Song, as it was recorded to accompany the DreamWorks animated feature film, The Prince of Egypt. A testimony to the two artists’ out-of-this-world vocal talent, this song is timeless in its artistry.

  1. “Girls” – Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, Cardi B, and Charli XCX

Of course, this playlist would not be complete without the latest all-female collaboration by Rita Ora, Charli XCX, Bebe Rexha, and Cardi B titled simply “Girls.” Ora herself described it as an “empowering anthem” that came to lift women up, but also allow them to express themselves freely.

And with that, it’s fair to say I’m ready for another female bop. Let’s hit it, girls!

This article was written by Rachelle Bonja and edited by Elige Abou Youness for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help. 

Credits: EligeAY

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