Girls Night Out decoded

It has been a long time since you went out with your girlfriends alone and you feel it is time to embrace that girl power within and reunite for a girls’ night out. No dates, no boyfriends, no strangers, no siblings, only you and your girlfriends.

You are all excited; you meet to get dressed and maybe have a few drinks to share the latest gossip before hitting the club.

The party starts in the car and you’re dancing and posting selfies until you reach your destination. Wind in your hair, cool party outfits on, the only thing that’s missing is a red carpet and a bunch of photographers to capture your grand entrance.

We all fit the description of one of the following characters at some point, and if you feel like you don’t have a place on this list we’re sure you’re finding some of your friends in them.

  • The Mama Bear

She will always designate herself as the driver and won’t drink more than one light glass.  She will warn you about guys trying to interfere with the sanctity of “girls’ night out” and will give you “the look” whenever you try to flirt with a guy. She replaces your alcohol with water and is usually the one who holds your hair after you’ve had too much to drink. You just want to tell her, relax and enjoy, we’ll Uber home but you know she won’t budge and will assume responsibility at any given point over all the situations.

  • The one who’s going through a break up

She’s probably the reason why you’re having a girls’ night out anyway but she thinks it’s “girls night pout” because she will look miserable all night. She heads straight to the bar and starts inhaling cocktail after cocktail after having repeated all night that she’s over him and wants to meet someone new. Every song playing has a special memory for her with her ex and she spends most of the night tearing up, stalking her ex, and eventually ends up drunk-texting him to tell him the DJ played their song. How can Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” be your romantic song? She gets drunk and starts showing the bartender pictures of them together. 

  • The one who’s constantly texting her boyfriend

Okay we get it, you’re in that honeymoon phase, you’re talking 24/7, you miss him and you can’t wait to see him. He is sad because he can’t join but wants you to “enjoy your time with the girls,” as long as you’re texting every minute of the night. If you don’t answer, he will message one of your friends to make sure you’re okay and weren’t somehow kidnapped from the club or passed out on the bathroom floor. Next time, just try to give your girls a bit of your time.

girls night out

  • The one who thinks everyone is flirting with her

 Well, you’re making eye contact with every guy at the club, of course they will be staring at you. You shouldn’t be jealous because a guy was actually interested in your friend who’s dancing and not you. She will probably go around saying a guy is constantly offering her drinks. FIRST IT’S A COMPLIMENTARY BAR FOR LADIES, SECOND HE IS THE BARTENDER, IT’S KIND OF HIS JOB, CAROL.

  • The one with the moves

You can never keep up with her; she is in the middle of the dance floor and has probably gathered up an audience by now. You can’t dance next to her because you need to keep space for her imaginary backup dancers and somewhat extravagant moves. She puts everyone’s dance moves to shame and will have guys roaming around her for the most part of the night but she won’t have the time to talk to them because #DancingIsLife.

  • The one who never comes back home with you

Even though she was the one who proposed the “NO GUYS” rule, she will have found a dancing partner by minute 15 after arriving at the club and she’s probably going with him to some after party.

  • The Social Butterfly doubling as a secret agent

The moment you arrive to the club she goes to say hi to a billion people and never comes back. She is nowhere to be found, cannot be reached by phone and doesn’t post anything at any given point. By the end of the night she manages to know every little detail that happened with each and every one of the group so you start doubting whether she’s an undercover agent or a wizard.

Did you find yourself on our list? Which one are you usually? If you feel like we missed a major character, share it with us and we’ll add it to the list!

This entry was written by Noha Miari and edited by Elige Abou Youness for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help, October 1, 2018.
All the pictures are from Giphy.com and Cosmopolitan Magazine. 

Credits: EligeAY

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