Happiness Begins just dropped and my serotonin levels are up

Roadtrip for the weekend because we have a Jonas Brothers album to listen to!

Happiness Begins is here and I can’t wait to blast it up! The Jonas Brothers returned as a band earlier this year awakening their massive fandom and recruiting more fans when “Sucker” dropped on March 1 and was later followed by “Cool.” The brothers trio’s Happiness Begins is their first album in 10 years and being someone who grew up to their Disney phase and music, I’m really pumped about it!

The album dropped on June 7 following the Amazon Prime documentary, Chasing Happiness which tells the story behind Kevin, Nick, and Joe’s reunion, a decade after the breakup.

Happiness Begins includes 14 tracks, the first of which is the chart-topping “Sucker” followed by the second release “Cool.” 

1- Sucker

2- Cool

3- Only Human

4- I Believe

5- Used to Be

6- Every Single Time

7- Don’t Throw It Away

8- Love Her

9- Happy When I’m Sad

10- Trust

11- Strangers

12- Hesitate

13- Rollercoaster

14- Comeback

The fans as well as the band were excited about the release of this album as Joe expressed in a tweet.

The JoBros already announced a tour for Happiness Begins set to begin on August 7 in Miami and will conclude in Paris on the 22 of February, 2020.

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