Happy Together!

Episode 1 of the new series “Happy Together” has come out to the world on October 1, 2018.
In case you are a soul fan of the famous star from One Direction: Harry styles. Then knowing that it is inspired by Harry Styles actual life is actually old news for you.
In case you don’t know all about yet, then We’ve got you covered!
The sitcom is about a famous musician who crashes in with a suburban married couple.
Why is that related to Harry styles?
Other than the fact that Harry Styles is the Executive Producer, it is actually based on a true story. Ben Winston revealed the backstory in an April 2017 interview with Rolling Stone and after becoming close with Harry Styles. Styles crashed at his place to wait for his house to be done. It was supposed to be 2 weeks but ended up extending to 18 months, which was revealed in ET.
Now how were blessed with this series?
Winston continued to say that Rolling Stone interview inspired this idea. In the ET interview, Winston explained, ““[Harry] spoke about that time, how living with a very normal, slightly boring family, which was me and my wife, helped him while he was living quite an abnormal life”. This gave them the idea, with their EPs Jonathan Berry and Michael Rotenberg that it might be a funny sitcom, so let’s hope it is!
We know what you are thinking, but no, not all the events that happened in the show are based on what actually happened in the real life, but they were added for entertainment purposes.
Who are the people blessing us with this sitcom?
Felix Mallard plays cooper James: The famous musician (Harry Styles)
Damon Wayans Junior plays Jake and Amber Stevens West plays Clair (Winston and his wife)

In case you still don’t have plans for a rainy afternoon. We suggest you add this to your list!


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