HBO scattered 6 thrones around the world in preparation for Game of Thrones

April 14 is coming and HBO aren’t sparing any idea to hype it up.

For most April 14 might not mean much, but for Game of Thrones fans, it’s the date of the long-awaited first episode of the last season of the series. The show is extremely popular and has an extremely wide fan-base all over the world. So it’s needless to say that it doesn’t need much hyping up. However, HBO aren’t settling for anything less than the most extreme ways to get the show to blow up; as is their habit. 

#ForTheThrone they went with 3 stunts getting people to bleed, create, and search for, well, the throne. 

The first was bleed for the throne, where HBO teamed up with the American Red Cross and got people to actually donate blood; so that was for a good cause. 

The second, which they recently launched, is about searching for the throne, literally. They scattered 6 Iron Thrones all over the world and asked fans to try and find them leaving hints on YouTube in the form of 360 videos. The video also includes a timer of how much time people got to find and claim the throne in Quest #ForTheThrone.

As for the create part, HBO got artists from all around the world to try and create or reimagine props from the show. 

I’m really sad that Game of Thrones is reaching its end this year but also very excited to see this season. We already got a bunch of different trailers, teasers, theories, and a what will probably be the biggest battle scene in the history of battle scenes. The “Battle of Winterfell” broke a filming record as it took 55 days (well nights) to film according to a now-deleted post from assistant director Jonathan Quinlan. 

Are you excited for the Game of Thrones? of course you are but what we want to know is WHO are you rooting for? 

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