Head Above Water has a visual and it’s awesome

Vulnerable, fierce, and visually pleasing, Avril Lavigne releases the video for “Head Above Water.”

It’s been five years that we haven’t heard from Avril Lavigne. The artist has been fighting Lyme disease and focusing on her recovery. She’s now back with a track titled “Head Above Water” which released sometime last week to follow it with an amazing visual on her birthday. September 27, Avril dropped a video showing her alone in a green, rocky environment next to a black sand sea.

She seems both vulnerable in front of her situation and fierce in dealing with it which resonates with her composition of the track. Avril revealed that the song came to her in a moment where she “had accepted that [she] was going to die” which is a strong moment in every person’s life whether they are battling a disease or not.

Avril goes through the green moss, to the beach, and even jumps in the water in her white gown and platinum strands while she pleads “I’m too young to fall asleep.” The visual ends with a direct campaign for Avril charity concerned with raising funds for the treatment of people affected by Lyme disease.

“Head Above Water” as I mentioned is Avril’s first work in 5 years and before the visual dropped, she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live and performed the track making it her first public appearance since her hiatus.  

This entry was written for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help, September 28, 2018. 

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