I met Diaries of the Ocean and here’s what I learned

The big blue is giving me the blues and the hope restored by people like Diaries of the Ocean.

In recent years, the impact of plastic pollution on the ocean has been massive and it keeps growing and metastasizing year after year. Climate change is hitting the planet with fierce blows and the repercussions global warming has on life as we know it has raised my environmental activism to new heights.

So when I accidentally met Tina from Diaries of the Ocean, I was shocked that I hadn’t heard of the community before and got excited that awareness is being built around the conservation of the environment in a time when we need it the most.

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Diaries of the Ocean are a community as they label themselves and their main mission is to educate and raise awareness “about life in the ocean, how ocean ecosystems function, how scientists study the ocean, and the challenges we face in sustaining healthy oceans for the future” as they state in their bio.

Who are they specifically? They’re a group of marine scientists who are trying to make a difference through creating an emotional impact.

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How do they do it? They divided themselves into 3 departments, each concerned with a certain purpose, all dedicated to highlight the ocean and its secrets while focusing on demystifying it.

  1. The Coastal Zone Department covers protecting and preserving public beaches in Lebanon, coastal zone management, encouraging eco-friendly engineering on the coastline and restoring coastal ecosystems.
  2. The Fisheries Department aims to improve fish productivity in a sustainable manner, develop the fisheries market and trade, provide support for local fishermen and shift consumers’ behavior towards sustainable fisheries.
  3. The Education Department aims to raise awareness among young generations on several topics including plastic pollution, climate change, marine biodiversity, coastal zone management, and sustainable fisheries, all backed up by field visits and environmental activities.

The Diaries of the Ocean team is always supported by a group of divers and centers that help the scientists in data gathering, filming, and raising awareness. 

They are all over it! Organizing beach cleanups with students while also teaching them about marine life, educating their followers about the life underneath the water of which we know so little of and spreading awareness about the importance of the conservation of these areas, animals and life forms.

Everyday is Earth Day. And every Earth day is Ocean day. #Earthday2018 Save Kfaraabida Les Genévriers de MelkartVideo credit: Elham HaidarDrone photos: William Nahed

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Pollution and specifically plastic constitutes a grave danger on marine life among others and I’m very happy that groups like Diaries of the Ocean and others are reacting and creating a trend of positive approaches to nature.

Did you like their mission? Check their activities on their social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter , Instagram

This article was written by Elige Abou Youness for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help, September 26, 2018.

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