Improve Your Office Day

Let’s face it: having a 9 to 5 kind of job where you sit behind an office can seriously become boring, tiring and painful. We all hate that, right? Your creativity just decides to shut down with time and productivity level starts decreasing. And that’s where all the trouble and pressure from your boss, who you wished you could get rid of completely one day, pop of out of the blue.

But wait a second, you don’t have to panic. We got this for you. Thankfully, we have that one day every year that reminds us how to prevent all this, and actually enjoy our time while practicing our job, creating a fun and comfortable environment to be in.

“Improve Your Office Day” which is celebrated on the 4th of October encourages all you workers out there to make your desk and surrounding area a more pleasant one. Here are few ideas and crafts you can make on your own that can help you improve your office:


  • Ladder Shelf:

This one is really easy to make and very natural looking. You just need a ladder, some paint and you’re ready to go. You could place books on it, a statuette, a small vase or whatever comes to your mind.

  • Confetti Clock:

The Confetti Clock needs some supplies and a tiny bit of effort and patience, but It’s definitely worth everything. It looks very modern-ish and colorful. A wood round is needed depending on how big you want the clock to be, a modern clock movement, glue and obviously, confetti, as well.

  • Magnetic Desktop Set:

If you’re the kind of person who always has these small metal things all over your desk, then we have the perfect solution for you to keep everything clean and tidy. All you need is a shell and some magnetic fillings, along with paint or whatever you feel comfortable using to give it a nice look.

  • Hanging Desk Organizer:

Our last item would be the simplest one to craft and an unconventional idea. This hanging desk organizer consists of a string handling as many cups as we’d like, tied to a round wooden stick on the wall. And here you are with another way of organizing your pens.





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