June was full of prizes and good times on Virgin Radio Lebanon 89.5

Virgin Radio Lebanon is all about the music, the fun, the laughs, and the prizes!

In the month of June, like every month, we teamed up with some of our amazing clients to give away some great prizes. Zaina, Boudy, Sally, and Danny gave away cash, travel packages, resort passes in addition to daily goodybags and movie premieres tickets.

On The Morning Show with Zaina and Boudy as well as The Drive with Sally and Danny, Banque Libano Française gave away $3000 between the two shows to two lucky winners who simply knew how to answer the phone in a competition that got the country saying “Banque Libano Francaise is my bank and Virgin is my radio” every time they answered the phone.

The Morning Show crew also teamed up with Air France where listeners had to pick up Zaina or Boudy to go with them to Marseille or Canne. Puidor flew people over to Italy and got them yummy goodybags on a daily basis. All they had to do was choose a partner to take to dinner between Zaina and Boudy and ditch the other person for a reasonable excuse. 

Grand Cinemas premiered Rocket Man with listeners of The Morning Show.

Meanwhile on The Drive with Sally and Danny, Zaatar w Zeit gave away two lucky winners $500 in a super competitive two-week round of Power Play oldies.

Guanabana Resort gave away family passes at the end of every week and for more peachy beachy stuff, Starbucks got listeners to pick up one of the hosts in an attempt to get a boat trip for them and their friends on the marvelous Lebanese coast.

MyClub and LeMall Rewards premiered SpiderMan: Far From Home with Sally and Danny sending lucky winners to see the movie before anyone else at CineMall. 

The Morning Show with Zaina and Boudy kicks off at 6 AM and wraps up at 10 AM after 4 hours of ultimate craziness and music. 

The Drive with Sally and Danny is on every afternoon from 3 PM till 7 PM as the two hosts’ contagious laughter and good mood keep you company on your drive home. 

Stay tuned to Virgin Radio Lebanon 89.5, through the app or here to laugh your hearts out and win some amazingly amazing prizes on a daily basis! 

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