Kanye vs Drake while North sings In My Feelings

North West singing “In My Feelings” is a peace offering?

Every now and then, celebrities have feuds and for some reason, they all take place during the same period of time. The effects the mysterious lands of Hollywood have on celebrities cannot be explained sometimes. Kanye and Drake are two of the people riding the feud wave just as Eminem vs MGK and Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B are.

north west kiki challenge

Now, differently than the rest of the fighting pairs, Kanye has been trying to fix things with the Toronto rapper. As you remember, the whole thing started when Pusha T went after Drake earlier in the summer and then Drake had to respond and the diss made a splash which Kanye, who is Pusha’s producer, got a sprinkle of.

Yeezy had made it clear during an interview in August that he wants to fix things with Drizzy but it didn’t seem to stop the feud boat from rocking. 

Why am I mentioning all of this when I started talking about Kanye’s daughter most adorable video? Well, because in the snippet which Kanye posted captionless on his Instagram, North is singing “In My Feelings.” If you haven’t been connected this past summer, or for some reason you haven’t heard of the song, “In My Feelings” is the 2018 Drake track that became an internet challenge and dominated every platform we tried to frequent. It became the background song to our lives; as in it was always playing, anywhere and at any time. 

Is the feud related to this cute peaceful piece of recording the internet gets to ahwww to… or is it just a random video of regular old dad Kanye and his daughter’s cute moments? Only time will tell… but Drake has to have a collab with North sometime soon…

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