Katy Perry drops another blah-blah break up song

Katy Perry drops another break up song and it’s about “Small Talk.”

Almost all of us have been in relationships, and even if we haven’t, we’ve ended some form of relationship throughout our lives be it a friendship or something more romantic. “Small Talk” is mainly about relationships and how awkward things can get when you bump into an ex or even see them regularly. The song arrived on August 8 following “Never Really Over” to let us in more on KP5, which should come soon.

“Small Talk” was co-written by Perry and Charlie Puth, who’s obviously too busy with writing songs for other artists to drop any new songs. The track arrived with a lyric video directed by Tim Fox and features a gawky office relationship but Katy is nowhere to be seen. So, we’ll be waiting for an official video since the “Never Really Over” visual was a work of art.

For someone who has been in a happy and blossoming relationship with Orlando Bloom, Katy has released two breakup songs so far.

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