Katy Perry’s Never Really Over video is here as is her cookilicious reconciliation with Taylor Swift

Director Philippa Price takes Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over” and gives it a masterpiece of a video.

Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over” is a breakup song about trying to get over an ex and “it” never really being over… The track is awesome; it’s one of those songs we need for the summer and well, after most breakups. It has Katy Perry perkiness all over it, a cool beat and now, thanks to Philippa Price, an awesome video!

Philippa Price is behind some of the most amazing visuals around Hollywood working with artists like St. Vincent and BANKS as well as being the mastermind behind Rihanna’s SAVAGExFENTY. For “Never Really Over,” she took her signature surrealist style and put it in a relatively literal story telling what the song is really about; healing the heart.

Katy Perry is seen taking a bus to a retreat where she would go through treatment for the heartbreak she’s experiencing. The video includes plenty of healing rituals like Perry watering her heart in a bottle with her tears and dancing in circles in a field to later drinking what’s in the bottle as a last form of the healing process. Acupuncture and cupping also make a cameo in the video and according to Price, the idea came from Perry a day before the shoot and real needles where actually used on Katy’s face, courtesy of her acupuncturist and bedazzled by Price’s team.

“That was actually Katy’s idea the night before we shot. She was getting acupuncture and she sent me a video at, like, 3 A.M. with needles in her face, being like, ‘What if we do this for the video?’ […] I don’t think anyone has ever done cupping or acupuncture in a video. Everyone was leaving, the crew was wrapped, and it was one of those magical add-on, last-minute shots that kind of made the video.”

Other last minute add-ons were some of Katy’s moves especially at the beginning where the artist went into improv mode smooching her face against the glass window and sliding down. The ending of the video has a twist which tells that the story isn’t, well, really over… 

To say the video is visually-satisfying is an understatement as it is simply beautiful.

Katy not only has been releasing new music about mending hearts but has also mended the long beef she and Taylor Swift has had for the past God knows when with a plate of peace cookies. The two artists may have a collaborative project on the way as well………………………………………(excitement intensifies) “Let’s Be Friends” or “Peace at Last” could be the title since both artists are dropping albums this year and it’s not unlike them to include such a song in their projects. We’ll have to wait and see but reconciliation definitely looks (tastes) good. 

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