Met Gala 2019 celebrates Camp

What does Camp mean and what does it look like?

The Met Gala is an annual fundraising event held every first Monday of May. It raises money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York. It is a prestigious, invitation-only event but one where fashion is celebrated in probably the best way possible.

Every year the dress code has to fit the theme and all attendees take it very seriously. The 2019 Met gala theme is “Camp: Notes on Fashion.”  You might think how fashionable can you get while camping right?! Well this is not the outdoor camping activity that is meant in the theme.

The theme is based on Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay, “Notes on Camp” in which the term is defined as “love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.” The theme leaves a lot of room for interpretation and imagination so certainly the wow factor and the outrageous costumes were expected at this year’s event.

The Met has shared that “the largest section of this year’s exhibition explores how elements from Sontag’s essay –humor, irony, theatricality, parody, artifice, exaggeration, pastiche – are expressed in Fashion.”

The 71st Met Gala of 2019 was co-chaired by Lady Gaga, Alessandro Michelle, Harry Styles, and Serena Williams. The foursome showed up individually or as a pair on the red carpet looking as dashing as ever but, as is her habit, Lady Gaga made quite the entrance, repeatedly. 

lady gaga met gala 2019 camp

Lady Gaga does represent the theme in general but she did step it up for this event. She showed up with a huge dress and her entourage and before she made to the top of the stairs she kept changing outfits reaching a total of four. Every time she got half way up after showcasing one look she came down to remove it and unveil another. The first was a pink dress with a huge train, followed by a black asymmetrical dress with a side bustle; the third was a form fitting pink dress, and finally she stripped to her underwear but added some rings to dress the look up. All of this was done right on the carpet. She made sure to take all the best pictures as well in each of the outfits. 

met gala katy perry jared leto

Other looks that stood out were Katy Perry as a chandelier, Jared Leto bringing a model of his head on his arm.

met gala ezra miller

Ezra Miller went for multiple sets of eyes make up (beat that Bran Stark), CardiB sported a huge red dress that needed 6 people to carry.

cardi b met gala

Michael Urie came in an astonishing feminine-masculine number.

michael urie met gala

Zendaya made quite the appearance coming in as a glowing Cinderella and even leaving her glass slipper on the stairs… what a sweet beautiful moment. 

zendaya met gala

The star of the night was once again Billy Porter who got attention not only for his winged golden outfit but for the entrance. He was carried in by 6 men also decked in gold and later revealed the wing part of his outfit which owned the carpet.

Between Billy and Gaga and all the other amazing fashion statements, we’re really sad that it’s over. 

This entry was written by Rita Elhajj and edited by Elige Abou Youness for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help. 

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