Music Monday – Hala Yammine

For this week’s Music Monday feature, we came around Hala Yammine’s amazing video.

Hala is a 22 year old Interior Architecture student graduating this semester from Alba, Balamand.

Hala’s interest in music sprouts from having a musical family; 

“I grew up in a musical family where my mother played the piano and my brother played the guitar […] they were my motive to take piano lessons for 7 years”

She started taking piano lessons at the age of 9 and was encouraged by her teacher, friends, and family to sing as well and get over her shyness. After a while, Hala revealed that she started developing her own style in both playing the piano and singing. 

In the video, Hala switches from singing to playing the Kazoo, an instrument that adds buzzing to its player’s voice who actually hums instead of blows in it. I was very curious at the choice of instrument and Hala cleared it out before I even asked. 

“I got a kazoo as a gift lately and fell in love with it haha.. Therefore I’m gonna be including it in my song covers!”

Hala’s intrests span across different forms of art “such as painting, acting, dancing, and most importantly music.”

Why most importantly music you ask? Here’s what Hala had to say;

“Music is my getaway if I’m upset or mad or anything… It may be safe to say that music can touch you in certain ways that cannot be explained!”

Hala hopes that one day she would have her “own bar where people would come over randomly and jam with each other…”

Until she has her bar, we hope soon, you can check out Hala’s covers on her Instagram here. 

Credits: EligeAY

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