Music Monday – Jennifer El Hachem

Our Music Monday feature for the week is 17 year old Jennifer El Hachem.

Jennifer is a singer/songwriter/guitarist currently studying at Notre Dame de Louaize.

Jennifer shared a little about herself with us from when she started singing to how it developed into a hobby she pursued and later into a job.


“My love for singing began when I was 8 years old where I used to constantly sing around my family and friends during the holidays, just for fun. Year after year, my love for singing grew stronger and reached a point where I was certain that music is what I am mostly passionate about.

Recently I’ve applied to Music factory, which is a really good school for helping singers develop, discover, and enjoy their voices. I’ve also been performing at several events in different places around Lebanon like gala dinners, weddings, and festivals. I’ve been getting great feedback which is pushing me further into focusing on my music career.”


Something else Jennifer shared with us is her being in a band which made her “even more comfortable, confident, and joyful on stage than ever.”


When asked about the instruments she played, Jennifer surprised us and revealed that she’s been playing the guitar since she was 12 years old;


“It sort of spoke to me in different ways. The thing about playing the guitar is that you could easily hit the right notes but you can’t easily feel them, same goes for singing.”


Our little chat with the young talent made it clear how much she loves music and how important it is in her life.


“Music is a form of feeling and self-expression. Without music I personally believe that the world would grow cold. Music is an art that pushes an individual to unleash his/her inner thoughts and embrace them especially for me as during my early teenage years I used to find it hard to express myself by having a normal conversation. Instead I used to sit in my room, write down my thoughts, and sing them away while playing my guitar. My songs were about the world, how people should be better humans, how power and money are not always the right route for a happy future, and how us human beings should break our ego and embrace our vulnerability.”


When we asked her about her future goals, Jennifer was quick to answer;


“My goal for the future is to be known not for what the world wants to hear but for what the world needs to hear. Finally, I want my songs to change people’s perspective and views toward things, to build a better society.”


Jennifer seems to know what she likes and wants! And if you like her music and want to listen to more of it, make sure to check out her Instagram account @jenniferelhachem


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