Music Monday; the multi-talented Charbel Mazraani

This week’s Music Monday feature is by Charbel Mazraani, a 20-year-old musicology student at USEK.

We asked Charbel to tell us a bit about himself; 

I’m a pianist but also play the guitar and drums. I post weekly videos of instrumental remixes on my Instagram page and YouTube channel.

My passion for music started when I took my very first piano lesson at the age of 8. Later on, at the age of 16, I learned to play the guitar and the drums with the help of some musician friends and YouTube tutorials.

Choosing music as a major wasn’t really an easy choice to me, especially here in Lebanon, but I’m thankful for my family who believed in my talent and encouraged me to pursue my studies in the world of music.

During my high school years, I was part of a band as a drummer and attended different local events and festivals. I also used to perform acoustic gigs playing the guitar and participated in several private events as a pianist.

Combining everything I do and some music production skills that I earned throughout the years, I was able to make the videos I’m posting right now.

It all started for fun, every once in a while, using my mobile phone camera, my basic editing skills to share my music with a few friends on Instagram. Then things got more serious when I started getting lots of new followers and amazing feedback for what I was doing.

Reaching a more or less good number of followers, I turned my page into a business profile and decided to take what I do more seriously and commit to posting every Sunday night.
I guess that using unusual sounds, several instruments at a time on loop, and changing the arrangement of popular songs helped me widen the scope of people reached and have an amazing audience quickly.

Mid-week, I attend my courses at the university, I choose a song to produce on Tuesday, I film it on Thursday, edit it and post it on Sunday. This has almost been my routine for the past year now and I am loving it.

I am lucky to have such amazing friends who believe in me and help me every week in filming my videos and editing my bloopers day or night.

Making these videos from scratch is really fun, but I am hoping to turn them into live shows someday in the future and hopefully dive into the world of music as a multi-instrument performer.

For now, I’ll keep posting videos on a weekly basis while focusing on my page and social media.
Not to forget that I’m working on my own original songs, which will hopefully be out this summer on all platforms!

If you enjoyed Charbel’s music as much as we did, make sure to check out his Instagram and YouTube Channel for weekly updates. 


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