Nothing On You has a video and it should be on Netflix

Ed Sheeran latest’s album is the gift that keeps on giving with yet another video.

No. 6 Collaborations is full of awesome and really unexpected collabs that we’re honestly loving. “Nothing On You” joins Ed Sheeran with London-based rapper Dave and Argentinian Reggaeton star Paulo Londra. Each of the three artists brings his own taste to the track making it an interesting mix of styles that mesh together very well in the weirdest way possible.

The album arrived in July and ever since, Sheeran had been releasing singles and videos to keep our ears and eyes busy.

The visual for “Nothing On You” is very simple and sees the three artists alternately performing their parts in a warehouse setting followed by a very familiar scene of them on bicycles; Hello, Eleven, why aren’t you on set?!

Credits: EligeAY

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