On The Drive with Zaina and Boudy: Michael Bublé Stands Up to Cancer on Carpool Karaoke

Michael Bublé joined James Corden on Carpool Karaoke and we want to talk about it.

The episode aired on October 26 but rules dictate that any mention of Michael Bubble should remain until after Halloween and as close as possible to the Christmas season… sorry, rules are rules.

The two kicked off their drive singing to “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet” and then they talked about Michael’s physical transformation, something the singer insisted he doesn’t really care about since he has “a beautiful woman who leeuvvess [him].”

The two went on singing and discussing the singer’s voice range and how far it can reach without amplification… I won’t elaborate more on that so enjoy, at about minute 4:13.

A fun and weird fact about Michael Bublé is that he does not like the Saxophone. I mean, come on, such a beautiful instrument! However, James had to be sure by putting his father, Malcolm Corden, a Sax player, in the car, with the singer and have the two do a small contest… thus testing Michael’s Sax-tolerance and maybe even getting him to like it. Michael and Malcolm ended up exchanging numbers so that the singer can be part of a charity event Malcolm is taking part in! How awesome is he! We’ll disregard the not liking the Sax thing now…

THe drive with zaina and boudy

“It’s A Beautiful Day” and many other amazing Bublé tracks were sung, nothing Christmassy though.

The interview took a rather emotional turn when Corden asked Michael about the battle he and his family have been fighting over the past couple of years since his son’s diagnosis with cancer. “You’re the real hero” he mentioned saying to his son on one occasion for fighting the battle. It was definitely a heartbreaking subject for the singer who could barely hold his tears. 

Thankfully, Noah is doing better now and Michael took the opportunity to encourage people to try and help as much as they can.

We wish Noah and every cancer patient fighting this battle recovery and send each and every one of them our love. Stay strong, you’re the real superheros! <3 

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