P!nk and Khalid’s animojies teamed up for Hurts 2B Human

P!nk and Khalid might seem like an unlikely duo at first but after you hear  listen to “Hurts 2B Human” you will know that they fit as perfectly as any Disney Princess and Prince Charming.

Unlike Disney fairytales, their song shows that they both need each other because it hurts to be human, if you do it on your own. Along with the song, they released a lyric video that sees animojies of both artists on tiny bodies falling and going around through space and between lyrics. They even take a page from the upcoming Aladdin and go on a magic carpet ride to see the world universe, and yes the carpet does look a lot like the carpet from the original animated movie. The song is about pure human connection, but is it related to the upcoming movie?

P!nk and Khalid really enjoyed working together it seems as Khalid went to Twitter and gushed over the “Walk Me Home” artist who in turn reciprocated the feelings.

“Hurts 2B Human” is part of P!nk’s upcoming eighth album under the same name, which is due this Friday, April 26.


Credits: EligeAY

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