Post Malone’s Wow has a video and Zaina wants you to see it

Post Malone’s video for “Wow.” is officially out and it’d about him being out and about. 

“Wow.” dropped last year on December 24 and it was a cool gift to play in the car in-between holiday songs. The James DeFina-directed video came on March 19 and has Post Malone jumping from country to country, rehearsing with The Red Hot Chili Peppers before the Grammys, drinking beer, performing on stage, chilling with friends, among other life situations. DJ Khaled makes an appearance but the main man of the video seems to be Mike Alancourt going about his viral dance moves in a flawless transition between settings.

“Wow.” was Post Malone’s last track of 2018 following “Sunflower,” his Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse collaboration with Swae Lee. 

Malone stated ahead of releasing “Wow.” that he simply wanted to out out there “a body of work” before the year was over but many agreed that this is more than just putting music out there as it “could be another big moment for Post on the charts and radio,” (HipHop-N-More). What is truly evident is that the track is Post’s “most stripped back recordings to date” contrasting his heavily auto-tuned, heavily-produced previous music (NME).

Credits: EligeAY

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