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Rate the Hits is dedicated to the artists among our listeners for the month of October.

Like every month, we like to thank you, our listeners, for rating the hits and telling us what you want to hear more of and what you want to hear less of on Virgin Radio Lebanon. This month is particularly special because the amazing people over at Mozart Chahine decided to get in on it and want to give you the full Yamaha F310 Acoustic Folk Guitar package.

What can you expect to receive if you win this month’s Rate The Hits? Fasten up your guitar straps and see what comes with the awesome acoustic instrument: a gig bag, a pitch pipe, a string set, a strap, a string winder, a Capo and of course guitar picks!

As for the guitar itself, I’m just going to slip in Yamaha’s own description:

rate the hits virgin radio lebanon mozart chahine

Yamaha F310P

The Yamaha F310 acoustic folk guitar represents everything that you have come to expect from the world leader in musical instrument manufacturing. A spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard come standard on this outstanding guitar. If you are looking for an amazing first guitar to fuel your creative fire then the F310 is the one for you.

For those of you who don’t know what to do; all you have to do is Rate the Hits right here and you will automatically be in the draw!

Hurry up and get rating… Zaina can be calling you next!

Tune in every Sunday at 7 PM to Virgin Radio Lebanon 89.5 to catch the VRL Top 10 with Zaina.

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