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The most talked about thing over the weekend was Ariana’s “Thank You, Next” video and there good are reasons for that!

First, the track itself gained much attention online due to Ariana’s very personal address to her exes and her preaching self-love. The lyrics even went on to become a viral meme and like a gift that keeps on giving, the video is Ahhmazing!

So, now, the video. It has references to four MAJOR Rom-Coms from the early 2000s that basically shaped who we are as people. Mean Girls, 13 Going on 30, Bring it On, and of course, the Reese Witherspoon classic, Legally Blonde, are all partly recreated in Ariana’s visual.

Ari goes from being Regina George in her blonde, pink galore flipping through the Burn book of exes to later perform the forever memorable “Jingle Bell Rock” with her actual, real life friends, Alexa Luria and Courtney Chipolone, while, major cameo, Kris Jenner films them playing Regina/Ari’s mom; so fitting!

The singer alternates scenes from the four movies, brushing her teeth in the most Bring it On way with Matt Bennett who portrayed an accurate Cliff Pantone. After that, she does a cheer number facing the Clovers and moves on to play with the 13 Going on 30 dollhouse to later dazzles us with her bend and snap with Paulette played by Jennifer Coolidge, just like the actual movie!

Cameos were so fetch as Troye Sivan made an appearance along with many more people either from the actual movies or who just simply fit the part, like pregnant Colleen Ballinger. Jonathan Bennett, the actual Aaron Samuels, came back for the same role along with actor Stefanie Drummond who’s also part of the original Mean Girls cast. YouTube sensation Gabi DeMartino, who later made an Ariana impression that didn’t really please the singer was also there. The cute Toulouse Grande played an amazing Bruiser to Ariana’s Elle.

There was even a mini “Victorious” reunion when Ari’s costars from the day, Elizabeth Gillies and Daniella Monet, appeared.

It is simply glorious!

As a major follower of 2000s Rom-Coms, I was fascinated by the exactness with which the scenes were done. From the décor, to the outfits, Ari replicated everything to perfection with director Hannah Lux Davis, who’s made major videos in the past few years.

“Thank You, Next” continues to top charts and is closely followed by “Breathin.”

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