The Chainsmokers’ Side Effects are dancing and more dancing

Camila Mendes busts her best moves in the Chainsmokers’ newest music video for “Side Effect.”Veronica Lodge is known as Riverdale’s Daddy’s girl but Camila Mendes has now taken on the role of Riley. Riley is the main character in The Chainsmokers latest video “Side Effects” featuring Emily Warren. She is an overworked woman with moves like Jagger who, in a twist of events, becomes the epitome of a carefree dancer roaming the night and jumping in pools.

The music video is an explosion of colour and sound; something the Chainsmokers are known for.

It starts with Mendes’ character getting called in for another weekend-long shift, which clearly doesn’t sit well with her.  As soon as the music plays, Riley rips off her work uniform, and starts dancing in the streets, without a care in the world.

The music video is simply Camila Mendes shaking it off and enjoying herself in a pink satin shirt and a flowery pink skirt. Riley’s dancing outburst is probably a “side effect” of having too much work and little time to enjoy herself and breathe.  

Not only do we see “Riley” dancing around alone but she also busts moves in places where people are somewhat busy in a pool, not giving her any attention, or simply trying to maintain a serious face like that strong-willed security guard.

All in all, it is an entertaining video to watch, and we’ll be damned if Camila Mendes doesn’t encourage even you to dance along to the catchy tune that is The Chainsmokers’ “Side Effects.”  

This entry was written by Youmna El Halabi and edited by Elige Abou Youness for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help, August 27, 2018 

Credits: EligeAY

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