The JLP Show take on Shallow!

The JLP Show went and did a cover of “Shallow” and I can’t really handle it.

The JLP Show are probably one of my favorite cover bands in the region and if we were to go back to their bio, they’re “probably the greatest… in the world.”

Boudy, Ramzi, Ziad, and Joe cover songs from the different realms of musical genres and most of the time, they do it with a funny twist. For “Shallow” they kept the song as it is and I’m still not really over it! 

Luckily, Boudy is a member of the Virgin Radio Lebanon family and accompanies your afternoon drives on “The Drive with Zaina and Boudy.” So after listening to the cover 3 times because well it’s awesome, I went in for some nosy questions.

The band’s vocalist revealed that recording “Shallow” was the band’s first time in a recording studio and the main reason they went in and did it was the greatness of the movie and the soundtrack.

“The soundtrack [for A Star Is Born] was released before the movie and we were instantly impressed by this track… “Shallow” I mean… So we went to see the actual movie and it was awesome! […] I think it kind of gave us the right push to actually do this… so yeah it was definitely an inspiration after we were already wowed by the track.”

So without further ado and delay of the coming goosebumps, here’s “Shallow” by The JLP Show.

You can check out their covers on their YouTube channel as well as Instagram and Facebook. Now excuse me, because I want to listen to this some more! 

Credits: EligeAY

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