The Jonas Brothers talk break up, make up and purity rings

The Jonas brothers joined James Corden on Carpool Karaoke as part of their week residency on The Late Late Show and revealed some pretty interesting things.

The trio’s announcement to come back together included a James Corden video where the host calls Joe Jonas to join him on his drive to work and then are joined by Nick and Kevin.

Carpool Karaoke launches from the moment after that and like always they start listening to some music; Some Jonas Brothers classics along with a taste of their new, recently released “Sucker.”

Other than the singing, James Corden delves into why the Jonas Brothers broke up in the first place and how it came to be that they got back together now. Apparently some forced therapy including a drinking game was involved. After that, James wanted to make sure that there’s nothing the Brothers haven’t discussed yet so he brings in a specialist with a lie-detector and asks all the important questions; like whether Nick wanted his weddings to end already… among other embarrassing things. That part ends with Kevin telling James “Thank you for breaking up the Jonas Brothers.”

More things are talked about like the famous Purity Rings the boys wore back in the day, why they had them and who removed his first…

The boys have definitely been busy since their coming back together; between getting kidnapped by James Corden during their #LateLateJonas week, going on so many radio shows, releasing the music and the video, Joe having a wedding to plan, and everything else, we’re personally wondering when we will be getting a follow up to “Sucker” which they preformed live for the first time also on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday. 


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