The Morning Show: Dany will take a pumpkin spice latte, short

Game of Thrones episode 4 has a special unintentional cameo from a cup of coffee.

For those who didn’t watch the last episode; The Last of the Starks, this one has a speck of scenes from the episode, continue at your own risk. 

When we watched last week’s episode, one of the complaints that arose was the poor lighting the episode had, at least until Melisandre lit it up. So cinematographer Fabian Wagner made a statement saying; 

“I know it wasn’t too dark because I shot it.”

What is definite is that it’s there. I double-checked and you can as well at minute 15:05, a (Starbucks perhaps?) coffee cup size short just sitting there in front of a starring Dany while Tormund praises Jon and his story. Tensions were high (maybe an excess of coffee?)

So what would the production team have to say about this.. we’ll wait and see but the internet has already had its turn making jokes left, right, and center, starting with this gem.

and then a bunch of others… 

Well, you get the gist. At the end,  we can’t really deny that coffee and Game of Thrones are the perfect blend. We cannot espresso our love for the show enough because it’s brewtiful. Okay, I’ll stop but seriously, we’re really excited for the next one to see how the war with Cersei will unfold. 

Who do you think will sit on Iron Throne at the end? 

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