The Morning Show update and more details

What is happening at Virgin Radio Lebanon?  

These past weeks have been crazy here at the station. Lots of things happening, lots of changes, lots of questions as to what will be taking place and this is where we clear it all up.

As many of you have already heard, Anthony will be leaving The Morning Show and going back to Australia to be with his family. It’s been emotional to extreme extents for both Anthony and the rest of us but everyone is excited for what’s to come. We wish Anthony the best on his journey as these past 5 years and a half have been a blast to say the least.

virgin radio lebanon christmas shoot

The last Morning Show with Anthony and Sally will take place on March 15 and until then, you can expect some amazing last shows and surprises.

This morning, we announced what’s happening following Anthony’s departure and I’m gonna lay it on you in case you missed it.

In the morning, starting March 18, you will be listening to The Morning Show with Zaina and Boudy! You know them from the afternoon, you love their sing-offs and their jabs, so your companions from The Drive will help you get to work in the morning.

virgin radio lebanon morning show zaina boudy

As for Sally, she will be moving to the afternoon with the recently anointed Danny, who was just knighted this morning by Anthony as Sally’s new co-host for The Drive.

Virgin Radio Lebanon

We’re keeping it fresh here at Virgin Radio Lebanon, so make sure to stay tuned because there’s so much to expect as we near our sixth year on air… we won’t reveal much just yet!

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