There’s No Way you hear and see this one without saying goals

Julia Michaels and Lauv are everything in the video of “There’s No Way.”

Two of the most amazing voices of the music scene collaborated and “There’s No Way” you won’t enjoy it.

Julia Michaels has been writing music for every artist ever and she only recently started recording her own music and we can’t be more thankful she did. Lauv’s music we’ve all listened to and fangirled over.

They have the vocals of two angels and when they collaborated on this track, everything was perfect and heavenly. “There’s No Way” is as you would expect it to be; an emotion-filled anthem for love birds on the brink of an unexpected love story.

The video is simply captivating as the chemistry between Julia and Ari will give you goosebumps. He covers her with a blanket while they’re on the tour bus, she stares at him without him knowing. The way they just interact is so beautiful! But, alas, like every love story, there’s a twist.

The two artists revealed how much fun it was working with one another and I choose to believe that statement because of the way they were interacting. They both had good things to say about one another during a press release; Lauv started

“For me the song is about meeting someone and immediately feeling that connection where you can’t help but have crazy chemistry, and though your lives don’t quite line up in that moment, you know someday everything could go down between you two.”

Julia added

“Writing with Ari is equal parts funny and serious. He’s the kind of person that can tap into an emotion and then say something random to break up the heaviness in a room. I love that about him.”

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