Tweeps step forward and restore our faith in humanity

One tweet put Billy’s dad’s doughnut shop on the map.

Another great story demonstrating the power of social media when used for a good cause. The By family came to the U.S. from Cambodia about 20 or 30 years ago and opened up a family doughnut shop in Sothern California. The shop was sold a few years ago to a family relative due to the mother’s sickness. Billy’s dad, Satharith By, opened a new doughnut shop and named it after his son but this time in Missouri City, Texas. Satharith had been waking up every morning at 2 AM to make fresh doughnuts but the shop did not receive many customers during the week following the opening. So Billy decided to use social media to try and help out by tweeting about the situation

Within just the matter of hours, it got retweeted thousands of time and the store sold out of doughnuts and it certainly shocked Billy.

“I was just trying to help my dad gain more business through my friends, but eventually, other people saw it too.” 

Almost immediately their doughnut shop went from no customers to people lining up and the shop selling out. After the instant fame his father’s shop had gotten, Billy went back to thank the good people of twitter and show his appreciation through a *sweet* post.

NBC went to the shop the next day and found it “slammed with customers buying sweets, soda and other items.”

This is a great ending and beginning of the story of a family who came searching for a better life. Speaking about his dad, Billy said “He came here about 20, 30 years ago to find a better life and this is it.”

This really gives me hope in humanity and the people of the Internet! Keep up the good work guys…

This entry was written by Rita Elhajj and edited by Elige Abou Youness for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help. 

Credits: EligeAY

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