Venom is Eminem and Eminem is Venom

Eminem released the video for “Venom” and it’s one Tom Hardy short of the movie.

When Kamikaze was released, “Venom” was listed as the last track on the album and it became known that it’s for the movie of the same name starring Tom Hardy.

The music video launches from where “Fall” ended. In “Fall,” Eminem was running away from a dark shadow that eventually gets him and he proceeds to stomp on his album Revival, leaving it broken on the street.

The visual for “Venom” picks up from there, where a young man finds the CD and picks it up, causing the parasite to be liberated upon humanity and the animal kingdom, jumping from one host to the other infecting them haphazardly and hitting a dog at some point.

The visual shows the symbiote spitting Eminem’s verse making you think that Eminem is the actual Venom, dum dum dum…

Venom  is already in theaters almost all over the world but it’s getting mixed reviews so far. However, Kamikaze topped charts making it Eminem’s 9th solo hit! 

Credits: EligeAY

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