Virgin Radio Lebanon Music Monday – Ryme El Khoury

Music Monday features Ryme El Khoury covering “Lithium” by Evanescence. 

Ryme introduced herself as “a 23 year old human living in Lebanon.” She works as a digital marketer in an agency and has been singing since she was 7. 
Her love for music as well as her musical choices come from her brother and father, with whom she used to listen to Jazz, Rock, and Blues. (Adopt me, please?)
Ryme learned to play the piano at The Lebanese National Conservatory of Music but her musical talent extends to the guitar and the ukulele as well, which she reserves for her happier covers. She’s passionate about music and especially about adding her own touch to the music she likes. 
My passion for music grew when I started singing and playing my own versions of songs. In fact, I find it magical when I give my own input and feelings and create a new version of a song. It’s like my own perspective and interpretation of the lyrics and melody. 
As for her musical inspirations, Ryme listed Nina Simone “with her powerful voice and strong personality” as well as Tracy Chapman, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Elton John, Beyoncé, Coldplay, Evanescence… 
Ryme’s main goal is to be able to reflect her own style in the songs she covers and to be an inspiration to music lovers. 
And most importantly, Keep my happy ON!
If you liked Ryme’s cover of Evanescence’s “Lithium,” head over to her instagram @rymekh for more! 
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Credits: EligeAY

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