Virgin Radio Lebanon Music Monday

Our musical feature for the week is Aurely Azzi, an 18 year old senior at Notre Dame De Louaize.

A Lebanese from Rmeileh and coming from a family of five, Aurelie best describes herself as “Full of Life.”

“I am someone who enjoys all the little things and is always excited for what’s coming next. The ones who know me, know how lively I always am.”

We asked Aurely a few questions about her life, goals and plans, and she gave us some insight about the girl behind the amazing “Shallow” cover.

“I got accepted into NDU to major in Clinical Psychology, which is a very exciting step for me, knowing that it is a passion of mine to learn about the human mind and the behaviors of individuals.”

Like many among us, music plays a very important role in Aurley’s life and she even considers it as her “escape from reality” in a non-cliché way. She took piano lessons in her early teenage years and started singing her own songs.

“I started writing in a diary, thinking it’s somehow relieving. Until I realized what I was describing wasn’t just my daily life, but instead, were meaningful and deep thoughts. Eventually, I found out I was good at writing, and I was constantly trying to turn these writings into songs. And this is when I found out I could sing.”

She also shared with us her first experience performing and overcoming her stage fright.

“I remember that one time I performed on stage, even though I had stage fright, and sang ‘Titanium’ by Sia in front of my school. I won second prize despite the fact that I was nervous and shaking. I was extremely satisfied with the positive feedback and people’s reactions. With my parents and friends encouragement, I decided to take singing lessons so I could improve my voice.”

After that, Aurely went on to perform several times at her school concerts and kept getting positive feedback.

She doesn’t limit herself to one genre or artist but rather finds that certain songs, lyrics, or voices appeal to her. She chooses songs to cover depending on how much the song reflects what she’s experiencing. 

As for the future, Aurely seems to be keeping an open mind but doesn’t intend to focus solely on music;

“I’m not aiming to put my musical career above anything else, I mean I don’t mind participating in gigs but I just like to keep singing as a hobby and not an everyday job. Jobs are a routine and an obligation to survive. They become boring with time and because singing brings me happiness, I would rather keep it as a talent and a way to keep my heart full whenever I feel like it.”

You can follow Aurely on Instagram for more of her awesome covers.

Credits: EligeAY

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