Virgin Radio Lebanon’s Music Monday – Maryline Succar

Music Monday gives you the chance to share your talent with millions…

Today’s featured talent is Maryline Succar, an 18 year old Law Student whose passion for music started at a very young age.

Maryline is a second year Law Student at Sagesse University who also works as a bartender at a local bar.

She started playing the piano and singing at The Lebanese National Higher Conservatory since the age of six. Spending 13 years at the Conservatory gave her not only practical but also theoretical musical experience leading her to become passionate about the arts.

“My passion is art mainly. Everything related to art. Literally every single thing.”

When asked about her goals and dreams, Maryline revealed herself as a highly-motivated, passionate, and hardworking person who knows it’s a hard industry.

“My goals are big and I know that many great days are waiting for me. I believe that anyone can get to wherever they want if they really put their time and potential into it.”

If you liked Maryline’s acapella of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” make sure to follow her on Instagram at @marylinesuccar

Credits: EligeAY

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