Music Monday – Nour Helou

Nour Helou is this week’s VRL music talent. She started learning music when she was 8 years old (piano), her dad used to sing so basically she got it from him. 
At a very early age, Nour performed during school activities and events, so this whole school experience played a huge role in encouraging her to pursue her music goals. Later on, Nour studied cinema in college, she said:

“it’s a major I also love, but right now I’m fully focused on music and I’m working in music because it’s something that has touched me since I was a kid, no matter what state I’m in, music is always the answer, it helps me pull out the anger in me, or the sadness, or the happiness, it’s like the best friend I’ll be stuck with forever”

she continued: 


“And what makes me fall in love with music even more is the fact that it’s a universal language, whenever I travel around the world I always find myself sharing music with strangers from different cultures and that’s one of the most beautiful fulfilling thing I can ever do”


You can check out Nour’s video below!

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Nour’s Instagram account: @nourghelou


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