Music Monday – Mhmd Otari

Our feature for the day played around with Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me;” meet Mhmd Otari.

Mhmd, as he likes to stylize his name, delivered a cool cover of Justin Bieber’s collaboration with Big Sean, “As Long As You Love Me.” After reposting his video, I messaged Mhmd to get some details about his musical past and he told me a very beautiful story of how he went from being a shy kid to scoring gigs.

At 16, he didn’t know he could sing and he thought that he sounded really bad but he loved it so he didn’t stop. He kept practicing daily for 5 years using his $90 guitar, which was everything he could afford at the time.

One day, overcoming his shyness after his best friend pushed him; Mhmd started posting his videos online and was surprised at the great feedback he received. In fact, he got such good feedback that Lebanese singer, Nina Abdul Malak, reposted one of his videos! Mhmd now gets up to 60k views on his videos and is playing at “festivals, dinners, everything” and does not want to stop!

What a story? Right?! And he’s not even 22 yet!

I asked Mhmd for some more information about himself and ladies, here’s what you need to know

“Well I’m about to be 22 in September,
I’m 190 cm,
I love sports, hiking, basketball
I make music on my iPad
I have 2 original songs
I want to write more
Living with a single mom, parents got divorced when I was 9
I’m a Virgo
I lovvveee tattoos”

You can listen to more of Mhmd’s covers on his instagram @mhmdotari96

This entry was written by Elige Abou Youness for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help, August 13, 2018

Credits: EligeAY

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