Music Monday – Miriam Lakis

Miriam Lakis is an 18 year-old pharmacy student at LAU. She plays the piano and sings while taking part in scout activities.

“I got interested in music at the age of 2. Of course at that age, it’s baby moves but my parents saw I enjoyed it so they always kept me around music for fun. At the age of 4, they registered me for piano lessons, which I loved but performances were the main thing that got my attention so I used to dress up like in the music videos and do a private performance for my mother. I remember Beyonce and Michael Jackson being the most I enjoyed.”

Miriam started to take into music at such a young age but it wasn’t until she was 6 years old that she got serious about her singing career and develop it as she grew older.

“Singing started at around the age of 6 and has been my passion ever since. At first it was about the sound but soon lyrics started to make sense and then I started understanding the passion behind songs and their meanings. I believe this is what I love about it, how a song can turn your whole day upside down, how the same song can be heard differently whether you are happy or sad, how it can affect people and make them relate to situations, just everything!”

Miriam’s voice really had us listening over and over to her video.. She’s singing “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak.

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